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Unravelling ADAS and DMS: Driving the Future of Fleet Telematics in the UK

Over the last couple of posts, we have been putting together a small glossary of important terms and abbreviations used within the fleet management and telematics industries. These articles have been aimed at newcomers to the sector, carefully explaining what each term means and its significance to the industry.

In this third instalment, we’re taking a look at two crucial components for any modern fleet: the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) and Driver Monitoring System (DMS). Both of these play a key role in ensuring the safety and well-being of your vehicles and drivers.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

ADAS refers to any system that improves vehicle safety by automating, adapting, and enhancing certain aspects of the driving experience.

This can include everyday devices like adaptive cruise control, a popular ADAS feature in HGVs across the UK. These systems ensure the lorry maintains a safe distance from other vehicles by adjusting its speed automatically, reducing the risk of collision and making long motorway journeys safer for all road users. Likewise, an emergency braking system is often fitted to buses to ensure a safer journey for their driver and passengers. These ADAS devices detect possible causes for collisions and apply the brakes should the driver fail to respond in time.

ADAS provides additional benefits for electric vehicles, which are increasing in popularity across the UK. This includes such cutting-edge technology as eco-driving support systems that help drivers adopt smoother acceleration and deceleration patterns. These don’t just enhance vehicle safety; they also optimise the vehicle’s energy consumption, extending its range.

Telematics companies across the UK have embraced ADAS, recognising its potential to improve safety and efficiency. The benefits are clear, especially for large fleets. By reducing accidents and promoting fuel-efficient driving, ADAS brings down insurance premiums and reduces operational costs. As such, it positively affects the cost of vehicle ownership, making fleet operations more economical.

Driver Monitoring Systems

While ADAS targets vehicle safety and efficiency, DMS focuses on the essential human factor: the driver. As the name implies, DMS monitors, analyses, and enhances driver behaviour, contributing to safer, more efficient fleet operations.

If one of your drivers is engaged in a long-haul journey across the UK, for example, a DMS that includes video cameras in their cab would record their behaviour behind the wheel, identifying moments of distraction or drowsiness. Likewise, a DMS with biometric sensors can detect early signs of tiredness or fatigue. It can then alert the driver, prompting them to take a break and potentially averting a serious accident.

DMS can also be used to identify aggressive driving behaviours such as rapid acceleration or abrupt braking. These systems are often fitted to buses and coaches, where such behaviour can pose a safety risk for passengers. By recording these behaviours, a DMS can help fleet managers plan targeted training programmes to address these key issues.

DMS can also benefit drivers of electric vehicles since it can provide real-time feedback on driving habits that could affect the vehicle’s range. This can encourage EV drivers to adopt more energy-efficient driving strategies to prolong their battery life between charges.

By promoting safer driving practises, DMS reduces accidents, lowers insurance costs, and enhances overall operational efficiency, making it a valuable asset for UK fleets.

The Power Duo of Fleet Telematics

ADAS and DMS operate in tandem, working together to deliver a comprehensive approach to fleet safety, efficiency, and compliance. ADAS focuses on the vehicle, while DMS concentrates on the driver. Between them, they offer a holistic solution that has become integral to telematics companies and fleet operators in the UK.

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