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Low Bridge Warning System Installations You Can Trust

Collaborating with fleet managers and vehicle technology providers to install low-bridge warning systems to the highest standards to ensure optimal accuracy and safety for your drivers. Contact us today to protect your vehicles from costly damage and downtime caused by bridge strikes with our reliable low-bridge warning system installations.

When driving an HGV or other large vehicle, one of the common road hazards you encounter is a low bridge. While most of these have warning signs and height designations displayed, it’s not always possible to judge the gap accurately. Bridge strikes account for more than 2,000 accidents per year on British roads. Not only do they cause considerable damage to the vehicle involved, but they are also a risk to other road users in the vicinity, due to flying debris and the vehicle in question coming to a sudden stop. Furthermore, since they often block the space underneath the bridge until they can be recovered, such collisions cause major delays.

For this reason, low-bridge warning systems are much in demand among fleet operators across the UK. Connected to your on-board GPS navigation system, they provide an audible warning to the driver when approaching a bridge that is too low for their vehicle. This alerts the driver in plenty of time to stop and plan an alternate route.

What Nationwide Fleet Installations Can Do For You

We have been fitting road safety technology into fleet vehicles for over 25 years and have fitted thousands of low bridge warning systems for customers across the UK. This is what you can expect from us:

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