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Professional Fleet Telematics Installations You Can Trust

Our experienced engineers in the UK provide fast and reliable installation and maintenance solutions for telematics solutions. We work with vehicle technology providers and fleet managers, thoroughly check all technology before signing off your installation project. Our whole-life servicing solutions include maintenance checks, repairs, and equipment replacement. Contact us today.

Telematics covers a broad range of equipment that can benefit the owners of a commercial fleet. While the term includes such devices as in-vehicle hands-free phones and automatic assisted driving systems, its most common application is in vehicle tracking and GPS navigation tools. Nationwide Vehicle Installations provides whole-life installation and servicing solutions for all your telematics devices, ensuring a fast and reliable service no matter how large or small your fleet.

What Nationwide Fleet Installations Can Do For You

We work with both vehicle technology providers and fleet managers to deliver efficient telematics installation and maintenance solutions. This is what you can expect from us:

Telematics Technology Installations

Whatever telematics equipment you choose for your fleet, Nationwide Fleet Installations will provide a fast and effective installation service. We have a team of local engineers with decades of experience between them in the industry who will perform each telematics device installation to the highest standards. All your technology is thoroughly checked before signing off to ensure it is functioning correctly and we can provide full visibility of our work to you, following installation.

Telematics Technology Servicing

We offer whole-life servicing solutions for all our clients, ensuring your telematics equipment continues to operate at peak performance throughout its life cycle. This includes regular servicing and maintenance checks, ad hoc repairs, and the removal and replacement of expired equipment. All this is performed by our local engineers.

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