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Stock Management Solutions You Can Trust

Efficient and reliable fleet installation hinges on dependable stock management, a core focus at Nationwide Fleet Installations. With years of industry experience, we've fine-tuned our strategies to ensure seamless stock handling and organization for your installation projects across the UK. Get in touch with us to find out more.

When it comes to arranging fleet installation solutions for our clients across the UK, stock management is key. The efficient control of vehicle technology plays a crucial part in the success of every fleet installation project we take on. Over the years we have been in business, we have learnt that it is far better to have a plan in place to manage the equipment stock for our clients than to rush ahead with the project and hope for the best.

What Nationwide Fleet Installations Can Do For You

We have on-site and off-site storage facilities that provide us with around 5000 sq ft of storage space. Not only does this give us all the room we need to hold significant amounts of stock, but it also allows us to handle fluctuations in our stock holdings. This is what you can expect from us:

Basic Stock Handling

Our basic stock management service involves receiving equipment from our customers, recording the stock, and storing the items until they are needed. When they are ready to be installed, we record the time and location of dispatch, followed by the installation details once the job is completed.

Complex Stock Handling

In addition to our basic stock handling solutions, we also deal with more complex shipments. These typically include dispatching spare parts for a service job, receiving and recording returned equipment and faulty components, and recording details of any repair work undertaken by our engineers.

Stock Control

Sometimes our customers overestimate the size of their fleet, and some of the equipment that we dispatch ends up not being used. Without our rigorous stock control policies in place, this equipment can be lost, causing repercussions for our customers and ourselves. The time and care we take to record every stock item’s journey from receipt to installation or return is the reason we are a fleet installation firm you can trust.

Installation / Service Kit Creation

By putting together the separate components required for installing or servicing your equipment, we are able to monitor stock levels across the facility. This is especially important if the kit contains multiple parts from different suppliers.

Equipment assembly, configuration, and testing

We operate a multi-station configuration bench connected to our customers' remote servers. We assemble, configure, and test the equipment prior to packing and dispatch, making the installation process more efficient. All of this activity can be viewed in real time by our customer through their server.

International warehousing and dispatch

We manage significant levels of stock for several of our customers, often including more than 200 different stock items. If you are an international supplier, we can receive and fulfil stock orders from our main storage facility in Manchester, wherever you’re based.

A Multi-person Stores Team

While some fleet installation companies are happy to simply dispatch equipment directly to the site or depot, we believe that this is a potential recipe for disaster. Our store team ensures that all equipment is accounted for and can be traced throughout the supply chain to our end users. We know where all our equipment is at any given time and that our engineers on the front line are receiving pre-assembled vehicle technology ready for immediate installation. Every stage of the fleet installation process benefits from our stock management procedures.

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